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Secret World Alpacas

About Us

How we got to Secret World Alpacas


We were looking for a 2nd career that would make money for us but also be one we could enjoy and do together, without a lot of risk.  That’s when we discovered Alpacas!

We both have been animal lovers for many years and currently have 4 horses, 3 dogs, 1 parrot and 2 barn cats.

For a few years Alpacas have caught our interests, we decided to visited an Alpaca Farm to better understand the industry!   The Alpaca farm we visited welcomed us graciously.  We were able to participate in animal health days and the annual shearing and mostly fell deeper in love with the wonderful Alpaca

We were still hesitant to jump right in.  We began researching on line and asked a lot of questions of our new Alpaca friends.  We were really excited to find they were profitable with several income sources.

Everything was indicating this was definitely what we wanted to do.

We have attended seminars, and joined quite a few of the Alpaca organizations in an effort to continue to learn the best care and breeding genetics for our Alpacas.

Jennie loves working with the fiber and yarn, she spins, weaves rugs, knits hats, scarves and shawls.  She is wet felting hats and purses along with needle felting animals figures (still a work in progress there). 
She will have some of her work available for you to purchase or order.

Updated July 23, 2013